Saturday, September 24, 2016

Random This Week

Squirrels are jerks! My poor planter!
 I got dressed for Sunday night church in an outfit I knew matched E. I wanted to see how long it took for him to notice.
Usually he drops us off at the front doors, but this time I said he didn't have to. In the parking lot, I walked right next to him. Ha haha Ha ha the look on his face when he realized we were coordinating! He put on his suit jacket right away to hide his shirt and tried to pretend he didn't know me! lol Inside church, I tried to stay as close to him as possible. He loved it, obviously!
I battled a spider when I was washing the blankets that E pulled out of the back of his truck (from when we went to the drive through this summer!....hilarity ensued.
Pretty sure the spider just thought he was having a grand ole time at the water park! It took two more washes (the last time because I was so nervous about the spider getting me, that when I was flinging everything into the dryer, I knocked over my iced coffee and it spilled all over the blankets!) the hottest dryer setting, and a day unfolded in the basket (because I was scared to touch it) for the spider to disappear!
Woke up from a stress dream where W missed the bus and I got lost (driving INSIDE an apartment building) trying to get him, Andrew and Spencer to school.  It was only a dream, because he got on the bus just fine, dressed for Crazy Hat day!
W's Halloween costume came in the mail!

Read an interesting article   then researched presidential candidate Darrel Castle.

B came home with a certificate and plastic medal for visiting the library more than all the other second graders this summer! They even called his name out over the announcements!
We have four Puggles in Awana this year. They did a great job standing on the line during the opening,
 putting "bubbles" in their mouth before we go in the hallway, and taking a walk to see the trees that God made!

I woke up angry at E because I dreamed I was at a friend from highschool's house and I wanted to go get iced coffee, but while I was trying to find my car (the parking lot was packed because of some auction) a chick tried to steal my purse multiple times! When I went to tell E about the attempted robbery and my missing car, he brushed it off and laughed because he was talking to his buddies!! Good thing it was just a dream!

Super Hero Day for spirit week at W's school

Story time at the library for the little kids- they loved the Fall sensory bin!
That night, my friend Angie from church hosted an online Lularoe party. I've been hearing a lot about that company recently and wanted to support her, so I shopped (only have certain colors in certain sizes, not like a regular store) and bought something....
65.00, gulp! Hope she appreciates it, because when E sees it on the credit card statement, I might have to go live with her!

Did an internet meme where you had to choose what fictional characters you are most like. Here is what I came up with:

After my SIL picked up R&R, I went to the grocery (had to get stuff for my family coming next weekend!!) and E mowed the lawn (Our life is so glamorous!) then E got ready for hunting, 

and I wrote this poem and put in on facebook!

E decided to wait until the afternoon to hunt (the trail camera showed that is when the deer are active), so we hit the couch to watch some new shows (The Good Place, the new MacGyver-so dumb, and Superstore)!

The boys got up early.
 I slept in, then had coffee with my baby boy! (He drinks it like I do, mostly milk and creamer. I tried Amaretto creamer today, yum!)

E went hunting,

and the boys and I spent the rest of the day/evening lazing around and eating Chipotle! (I got a little work done on my 2013 photo book!)

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