Monday, September 5, 2016

What's Happening at School

B getting on the bus
so different from kindergarten:
Showing me what he won at school...(VIDEO)

getting icees on a hot day thanks to the PTO (The school has no air conditioning.B is in red shirt, black shorts.)
Scratches on his arm from a girl named Violet at recess: (I emailed the teacher!)

Today, since I was off work, I got to visit B's school! I saw him paying strict attention while the teacher was talking,
 see his artwork in the hallway,
 and have lunch with him! (He chose Skyline hot doggy platter with a Dr. Pepper.)
(heads down before line up to go back to class after lunch.)

W's school has the same heat problem. On Thursday, they watched a movie in the one air conditioned building on campus (the HS auditorium) to escape the heat!

W is totally OVER getting up at 5:45 for school (bus comes at 6:05.) On the third day of school, he hit the snooze and then threw his Ninjago alarm clock into the hallway! Funnily enough, he had no problem getting up at the same time on Saturday to play video games!

We got to run through a much abbreviated typical day at "Meet the Team Night" on Thursday night.
We got to sign him up for chess club, see some of his work,
and his favorite class (Info Tech-which is air conditioned and smells like donuts),
and saw that he was Scientist of the Week in Mrs. Louzer's class. (Chosen for his "leadership". He gets to pass out papers and pick helpers.)
A great start to the year for both boys! Now to just get W to actually talk to other kids once in a while!

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