Sunday, October 9, 2016

Countertops and Crankiness

After waiting (for what seems like forever), the kitchen remodel is in full swing!

-Signed the papers at the bank to pay for the kitchen (got a free keychain, whoop whoop!)
-Went to look at countertops! We used info from a text message from a friend at church, (thought company was called Mary Kate granite, ha ha) and mapquested on way!

First stop, Dal Tile in Blue Ash. Kids aren't allowed in warehouse, so we left them in the waiting area. (B texted "We miss you" five minutes later!)
After looking at the quartz and granite,
We narrowed it down to three.
choice 1 (Colonial Gold. There were two colors of this.)

choice 1(the other colonial gold) with choice 2
  2 (E's favorite) Alaska White and 3 (my favorite and the most expensive, Sienne Bruless)
choice 3
 All 3 together
After that, we went to one more showroom and picked out four more options...E ended up picking another Alaska White! Honestly, they were all kind of "meh" for me. 

The boys were not exactly thrilled to be running errands. (I threw a package of skyline crackers back for them, but there were still a lot of complaints of them starving to death....)
but felt much better when we were back home for lunch!

Once we get the cabinet doors, we will go back to see how our choices look with it (and our floor tile and dishes) and order! Can't wait!

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