Sunday, October 30, 2016

Family Halloween Dinner

When E was little, my MIL hosted one (or more?) Halloween dinners where she served food cooked in pumpkins. I had done it twice for the boys, so I knew how much it work it was, but when Kari said she wanted to do it this year to carry in honor of her mom, I agreed.

We came to her house after church. I brought orange punch,
a Frankenstein veggie tray,
and caramel apple dump cake. (pie filling, caramel, pecan cake mix and stick butter)
Kari went all out with decorations (including some of the crafts I did with the kids),
homemade mac n cheese,
one giant pumpkin filled with meat and rice mixture,
and after we ate,
rice crispy treat jack o'lantern and a bunch of little pumpkins baked with cinnamon and sugar
and filled with pumpkin mousse, yum!

The kids played and the guys watched some football, before we left for Sunday naps and then a chili cook-off at church!
So glad we can carry on this fun tradition!

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