Thursday, October 27, 2016

Grandparent's Dinner

E's mom had always gone to the Grandparent's Day dinners at their school with them. Since she moved to heaven this summer, my mom came up from Indiana so B wouldn't miss out! (W's too old now that he is in middle school :( )
 B showed off his classroom
and chair,
took some pictures
and enjoyed eating his chicken, his cookie
and seeing his friends.
Nanny brought home a bug manners book for the boys and a cookie for W, too, but all I got was a purse biscuit, lol!

Afterwards, we had a Frankenstein dessert (using the 99c colored cones mom and I found at Jungle Jim's that morning before the library)

(B's version of "one more scoop", ha ha ha)
So glad mom got to spend some one on one time with us!

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