Monday, October 10, 2016

Howl-a-Ween at Coney Island

I was working on my 2013 photo book (until my external hard drive started giving me fits) and saw where E's mom took the kids to Coney Island around Halloween. That same night, we got this ad in the mail:

It was a sign! After church, we met E (who had hunted in the morning) changed, ate lunch and headed to Coney Island (my first time there)!

First stop, the biggest rollercoaster they have!
E tried to video me while we were riding, but forgot to turn the camera the other way, ha ha!

The swinging cage ride!
B and E turned theirs upside down and all around, but W and I kept our cage perfectly still.
which gave us a chance to take some selfies. (It was a long ride!)
E was feeling yuck after all his flipping, so he and I were done with rides for the day! We walked around and trick-or-treated,
 and took pics.

B ride a drop tower ride on his own.

 Another photo opp,
 then a whirly car!
 Another solo ride for the only brave person in the family...I can't believe my tiny baby is on this spinning, swinging deathtrap!

 more trunk or treating
 Then the Jeepers Creepers show. I rolled my eyes so many times! It was a moral heavy story about monsters, cleaning your room and recycling,
that included some disobedience training ("broccoli, I won't eat that!), a commercial for Swiffer and ended with a half-hearted song and dance!
 Another trick-or-treat station,
 then pumpkin chunking!

After multiple unsuccessful attempts with his three pumpkins, B just threw it in the lake! ha ha
Lego man hay bale
 Free (diet) drink,
 and a bag of chips at the trunk or treat stops!
 B, getting his groove on to "Devil Went Down to Georgia".
In the covered area

 Music and light show!

 hay bale maze

Waited in a long line for bumper cars.  W tried to avoid others and just go in circles, while B crashed into anything and everything!


Another scary ride for my baby!

 Then we trick or treated past some mini houses and the canoe/paddle boat station to get to a magic show!

 W was called up to help.

 zombie impression
hold these cards and pick one
 these ray transmits your brain waves to the audience...
 Let me plug it in, it will only hurt for five, ten minutes....
 a special thought transmission cloth..
 The part W didn't know, ha ha....
 How did they know?!
 reaching into his pocket to get him a special prize for helping (a big $3 bill).
At the end they had a bunch of dads do a strength circle where they were all leaning on each other with nothing underneath them. E wanted and had no part in it!

One last ride on the way out. I told W if he was nervous, to sit in the middle, not the very end. He completely misunderstood and went straight to the end.
We did everything we wanted to and got done in time for dinner and church! What a great afternoon!

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