Saturday, October 22, 2016

Kitchen Reno: Plugging Along

One last outlet (Neither Meijer or Walmart carry outlet boxes OR four hole outlet covers!)
and a lot of dry walling!

Poor E came home so tired,(and kinda down because he just found out his company has been sold and he will have a new boss)  but he had one last hole to patch, another layer of mud to put on the drywall, a floor to level, and cabinets to dry fit.
E turned back on the fuse that runs the dishwasher and washer so I could catch up laundry. The sweet Ware family brought us dinner (in disposables, yay!) and we carried up more cabinets to dry fit! The opening to the lazy susan is too narrow for my slow cooker :(
(I was HELPING but I accidentally ripped a toe kick board off, then later, tipped a set of drawers in the wrong direction and gouged E's shin....oopsies!)
E was still able to cut the plumbing holes in the base cabinet, though!

E visited his mom's new headstone, and put up the corner upper cabinet.
Cutting baseboard so cabinets can go full length of kitchen.
far left and corner base cabinets affixed. Another upper cabinet added.
 Hutch moved and floor swept for the countertop measurements tomorrow.

They came to measure for the countertops but wouldn't do it because everything was not screwed in.
:( That night we added another upper cabinet
and moved the microwave outlet AGAIN (because I didn't inform E that the new over the microwave cabinet was shorter than our old one.) Whoopsies!
 That's all for this week, Saturday is booked with fun fall activities!

After a baked, no dishes dirtied breakfast (shake and pour pancakes and sausage)
and busy morning at the pumpkin farm, I went to the grocery store (and discovered a good iced coffee)

while E put up the over microwave cabinet.

The neighbor guys came over and measured the window for drywall, shimmed in the window sill (that I hate and am going to replace with our countertop granite)
and helped E set up the spice cabinet. (We thought we were going to have to open the wall up because there was no stud close enough due to a pointless vent, but we didn't! Phew!) We finally have our microwave back up!!
E finished installing all the base cabinets except the two under the window, and put up the cabinet over the fridge (We call it the red-headed step child cabinet because we always forget about it!).


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