Saturday, October 8, 2016

Kitchen Step 3, the Window

Too long and too wide for putting cabinets on that wall. We ordered a smaller one over Labor Day.
Tuesday, October 4th our neighbor and his son came over to install it! (For $1,000 less than the window company quoted us!)

Bye bye old window!
4 hours of construction noise later....
the window is in!
They said the window was thinner than the old one so they needed a bit more supplies. E moved the hutch in front of the window overnight because the only thing between the inside of our house and the outside was that insulation board!

The next day, some wood and some siding was put up
but he didn't have enough materials again, so.....

DAY 3 Thursday

siding is up!
He said he would be back to do the window sill/insulation after E is done with the plumbing and electrical. It is definitely darker in the kitchen (we will install can lights late) but now there is plenty of room for cabinets!

On Saturday, E color matched and painted the siding, (Just like most of the paint colors in our house, it has a food name-Toasted Almond.)
and after seeing that the only shutters you can buy are vinyl, not wood, (and ignoring my suggestion to just buy new shutters for the entire house in black) shortened our existing ones!
 Oops, may have painted a wrong section....

We are considering adding window box, too!

Another step closer to my dream kitchen!

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