Saturday, October 15, 2016

Kitchen Reno This Week

Our biggest Home Improvement Project is in full swing!

Our new cabinets are here!!!
We got the estimates for the countertops- 50-57 a square foot, plus 800-900 for installation/sink/plumbing.

E moved an electrical outlet

and I posted our cabinets on Craigslist. We got two replies right away! (Wahoo for recouping a little bit of our remodeling costs!) They even wanted to countertops, which saves us from having to dispose of them ourselves, sweet!

E removed the under cabinet lighting and the upper cabinets. (And broke two drill bits in the process!)
I packed up the stuff from the kitchen cabinets, (Thanks for the boxes, Kari!0 E had to remind me about the over fridge cabinet!)
 and browsed kitchen faucets online.
E came home from basketball with a jammed finger,
but still worked on my broken external hard drive when he came home at ten!
E took off work and removed all the rest of the cabinets and the sink.

An evening break to hang out with the Falks, (Bdubs!)
I haven't talked to Kari Falk in FOREVER, so we caught up on essential info,
like what kind of spices she doesn't use! One giant coffee mug (no carafe or saucer :( )and one game of Settlers
won by "Crab Claw", then a fire! 
(I was going to make these  Take 5 Bars,
but the kitchen was too much of a wreck
and I have no idea where all my baking stuff is,
so I bought five of these choices!)
we didn't get home until midnight!
While I cleaned the rest of the house (this mess is driving me insane!!), E had to make five trips to the attic and army crawl under nails through scratchy insulation to the deepest edge

to run electrical lines for an outlet...
that when he was completely done, I told him was too far away and I couldn't reach it from the sink! Sorry E!

He also moved the stove outlet! (I am amazed at how much he is getting done!)

Meanwhile, we handed over the cabinets to the craigslist buyer, bought our faucet (E vetoed the motion activated one...)
and finalized our countertop choice!
The winner is....
E wanted me to point out that even though that was his favorite all along,
I didn't agree until the choice was confirmed by my two best friends,
E's cousins and dad, Sherry AND my step-brother and his fiancée! ha ha

It's really coming together!!
Can't wait until I get a sink/dishwasher back!!

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