Saturday, October 29, 2016

Kitchen Renovation This Week

Another baked-in-disposable-pan-meal, cheeseburgers!
Called Lowes for the price of a spacer, but they didn't call back. I cleared out the hutch, now it is ready to take to E's Aunt Sharon.
E put up the last upper cabinet despite the missing spacer
and I browsed backsplash ideas
Me: Can I have one of your Kit Kats?
Eric: I only bought one!!

Lowe's called back- 37.00 for a spacer(!!ya, that is not happening.)
The neighbor guys came over to take out the window sill and fix the drywall around the window

and I again, regretted my decision to get our countertops from Mary Kate at Bella Stone.
Dinner was spaghetti in the crockpot. Liner= no dishes!
E color matched our cabinets for paint, and painted the spacer wood.

the last layer of mud was put on the drywall around the window, we ate another no-dish-oven-only meal,
E put up the last upper cabinet, (left of window) rerouted the vent and affixed the final two base cabinets!
(Our poor kids/neighbors...they are all probably so tired of late night noises!)

Measured for window sill and countertops (for real this time)! It will be installed in 7-10 days, but we have a lot to do before it is a real kitchen again....

The kids and I ate ranch house chicken in the crock pot and microwave mashed potatoes while E drove to and from Indiana to pick up my mom so she could go to B's Grandparent's dinner at school on Thursday.
When he got back, he installed the spice cabinet!
Mom and I hung out in the morning, getting scones from Panera and my signature drink from Chick-fil-A. We browsed Jungle Jim's and Five Below (saw my Pastor's wife) then hit the library and came back home to eat lunch. All we got done that day was load the spice cabinet!

Another crock pot dinner- cheesy chicken bacon tator tot casserole (layer tator tots, cheese, cooked bacon with raw chicken in middle. Add half cup of milk-which I forgot- cook on low. 5-6 hours.)
 Mom and I ate smoked salmon cream cheese toast for breakfast and went shopping at my favorite stores. (I got some organizers for the kitchen, a plaid shirt and an orange/pink reversible vest.) shopped in the morning, but were able to load a few more  cabinets (we went back and added shelf liner after I took the picture).
E went all over creation to find our countertop stone (even though I texted and mailed about being there at 9am, grrrrrr!) and mark where we wanted it cut, then finished the vent under the sink base.

I bought a couple more organizers
and new curtains (still need sewn or liquid stitched because I bought two sets for each window so they would look fuller.)
We didn't get anything else done because we were booked with Halloween activities for the rest of the weekend (and Monday)!

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