Saturday, October 22, 2016

Corn Maze Masters

An early Saturday morning (in matching plaid) for the corn maze at the Pumpkin Farm!

12 acres, here we come!
The goal was to find six shaped punches hidden throughout the maze.

Three punches and 40 minutes later, we were ready to give up! E gave W control of the maze gps map (His favorite part, yay technology!!) and we soldiered on! At one point, I was on the bridge, standing right in front of punch #5 and didn't even see it, ha ha!

It took us a little more than an hour total, but we found all the punches and got our free pumpkins!
Victory for Team Fryman!
We left E to stand in line for apple cider and honey, while we ran around the photo opps!

me ignoring the sign that says "Please do not climb on pumpkins"....
B wanted to stay for a hayride, but we have one at church in a couple of weeks, so we headed back home! Lunch, more kitchen work (for E) and grocery store (for me)! Trunk or Treating is tonight!

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