Saturday, October 29, 2016

VIP and Cinco de Mayo

Last Thursday, I got an email that I had won a contest from a local radio station!
I entered the contest just because of one event, I was going anyway, so might as well try to save 20.00!

Besides free admission to the event, we won VIP seating AND a VIP appetizer buffet!!!

We arrived right before noon and got our VIP bracelets, free posters and paper activity placemat.
The appetizer buffet was two trays of pizza that the kids didn't even like, and one tray of soft pretzel nuggets.

A cook recognized B's costume right away!
 A couple of minutes later, we got popcorn and free drinks. Sweet!
 There was one plinko game (W won a Ghostbusters patch, and B won a paper Beauty and the Beast activity sheet.)

The costume "contest" was more of a parade,
but every participant got to pick a "prize" from the basket of assorted cds/dvds/promotional items. I was the only adult in costume, but I (who have no shame) got a free dvd. The boys picked big sunglasses.
We trick or treated into the movie theater (more like a trick because the candy was 98% grandma taffy! )
they did get a giant smarties though....(and the Reese's Pieces I smuggled in for them)
and took our places (right in the middle like I like) for E.T.! The boys had never seen it!

Honestly, if I had paid for it, I would have been disappointed, but for free it wasn't bad!

Back at home, I took a quick nap and got ready for our Church's Annual Halloween party! (six dollar necklace, five dollar shoes, fifteen dollar Salvation Army formal, any excuse to wear my tiara= priceless!)
As always, we started with food!
I brought graveyard beans and salsa (I didn't realize they were providing tacos!)
skeleton puppy chow
and some special drinks!
This year was a Cinco de Mayo murder mystery! There were four groups. Two were actually Mexican themed,
Brad Bove ignored the theme and wore his Flash suit (He said he wanted to get his money's worth/show off he can actually fit in it! :)
and two (including ours) was set at an award party in Los Cabos. I was Kirsten Steward, a nice young Hollywood actress prone to throwing tantrums if she was told no.  E was Shy Lebuff, a blunt mysterious guy that the ladies loved.
Three rounds, a lot of table candy and my phone stolen (by Karen Stanhope aka Angelina Jolie) later, Brittany T (aka Raquel Tilson) was revealed to be the murderer of Jessica Beasley (Bari Drewmore).
 What a fun day!

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