Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday: Deals and Hall-Decking!

The first thing B asked about when he woke up the day after Thanksgiving was the giant stuffed animal that Uncle Nate had given him the night before. (The two dollars from the tooth fairy was no big deal to him!)
He named him Nate 58 and carried him around all day! (Nate 58 calls me Nana....)

I made ham and eggs for breakfast then ran to the store for a couple things after E woke up and donated our old tv stand. I found 4.00 Christmas shirts for the boys and a great shirt for E to wear to tomorrow's party (only ten dollars)!
While I was doing that, E was busy delegating attic duty to the boys and getting down the Christmas stuff!
We set up the tree ,
replaced the boys candy corn lights with new tree nightlights
put up the memory wreath, then I gave everyone this year's ornaments.
W got a trumpet, B got orange real tree ornament, and E got the in memory ornament to honor his mom (seen hanging in the middle of the wreath. Since my hardrive is broken, Kari is going to get me a picture for it.).
After that, W decorated his room (see the garland and the bulbs?)
and he and I made our own ornaments! His was Minecraft,
and mine were a bit more rustic....
might tweak these with paint or a wood burner....
E went out to buy gift cards for the church Christmas party, and brought me back Chipotle, yum! Then I took a nap while E mowed the lawn (for the last time this year!).

Back up to give the boys a snack to go with tonight's movie!
While we watched the movie, E shopped for a new bathroom vanity (I thought he was done with projects, but I guess not!) and bought himself a ladder. (Merry Christmas!)
A little bit more decorating
 (used poinsettias I had instead of stringing popcorn...)  and moving around....DONE (except for a burlap tree skirt I want to buy)
Now for a sleepover around the tree!
 Making memories!

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