Monday, November 14, 2016

Church Hay Ride

Last night we had our first annual church hay ride! I was nervous how it was going to turn out because Pastor Scott said, "We don't want to over plan it... " (ACK! No such thing!!) but it was great!

It started at 6, but B and I got there at 4:45 (if we do it again, I'm going to get there at 4:25 so the hotdogs won't be "lukewarm dogs"!)  I started the hotdogs "roasting" in the crockpots, and B had a blast running around with the other kids. E took W to Penn Station before they came because W hates hot dogs.

See, we didn't need to pay for a ride at the Pumpkin farm....I even got the Supermoon in the background!
View of the food/games from the hay ride.
Shanna G., Carrie W. and I manned the hot dog station in between breaks for food, photos of the boy's playing games/getting balloon animals,
(ga ga ball)

and hay rides!
 It was fun, and there was plenty of food! (120 hot dogs was the perfect amount, phew!) I got so cold, that even when I was home and wrapped in blankets on the couch, I had cold chills in my legs all night! Maybe next year we could do it a week or three earlier so it's not so cold! 

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