Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Church Thanksgiving

I made a GFS turkey roast again this year for our church's Thanksgiving. Betty said "just follow the directions", so I took off the plastic wrap and the foil and couldn't find any! I actually called the company for directions to make sure I cooked it right, and they said, Turn oven to 350, do not remove foil or it will fall apart. TOO LATE! I wrapped it in new foil and cooked it until thermometer measured the right temperature...then I just took it church without opening it! No idea how it looked or cut, but I know it was safe to eat!

The boys in front of the decorations-even being busy with her new grandbaby, the church secretary always does a great job!
Deacons always serve at this dinner, so while E manned his tables, I took my usual place on the plating line!
After everyone was served, I got to sit with my family and enjoy the good food!
(Melissa Hargis really knows how to serve up the Cool Whip, boo ya!)

I made the mistake of leaving my phone on while I was distracted, and Pastor Scott took a selfie!
After E ate, he cleaned up plates and talked to people.
We sang a few songs before the devotional.
Thankful for my church family!
and B is thankful for the centerpiece I got to take home for making a turkey. He insisted I take a picture of it, and wants it to stay on at all times!

One Thanksgiving down, one to go!

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