Monday, November 28, 2016

Fall Bucket List 2016 Update

cranberry orange- bread, rolls, oatmeal, punch
drink apple cider
pageant night
Video for Constitution Day
make and eat something apple (caramel apple dump cake)

Celebrate Aut and Nate's birthday
read apple books
apple picking
apple craft, apple tree craft
Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
pumpkin patch
Columbus Day
watch Halloween movie
owl meal= pizza, veggie tray, cupcakes.. pb banana breakfast, chili and croissants
make and eat something pumpkin- smoothie? oatmeal? angel food cake? pumpkin spice rolls, PS cheerios, pumpkin cream cheese pancakes
pumpkin sherbert float (Kinda. did orange punch!)
monster cereal

spider pizza or horde of ghost pizza 2017
Next year- brain mold (jello? mashed potatoes?), finger puppet tattoos
Cheap Chipotle on Halloween. (Started at three instead of five, and there was still a big line!)
read Halloween books
donate food
IHOP scary face pancakes

Themed lunch- "pumpkin" orange cups, goldfish or popcorn "corn", candy  or vanilla orea scarecrow, oreo candy cornucopias ice cream cone teepees, choc covered rice crispy turkey legs, pumpkin shaped carrots

Halloween lasagna or ribs
Halloween leaf bags
(we tried, but my children apparently open packages like He-man...)
Spookly Square pumpkin theme day-icing and graham crackers, painting
make and wear a costume
trick-or treat 
trunk or treat
hand out tracts while hand out candy
guesstimate and weigh candy B got six pounds, W got five!
sign up for Upward
carve or paint pumpkin- take B4 and after pics
participate in Homecoming Spirit Week
Bricktober at ToysRUs (Too busy with the kitchen remodel.)
Halloween party at school (They didn't have one this year, just a snack from teachers, so I sent in napkins.)
Monsters Inc theme
treat for teacher- Twix or Treat (also did sticker card for bus driver)

and/or corn maze
cover boys' bedroom doors-
church Halloween party. Bring themed food-graveyard taco dip  Halloween puppy chow decorated 2 liter 
also made a "magic" pumpkin with candy
was in a costume contest and saw E.T. for the first time at an event I won VIP tickets to!

use leftover candy in a craft or recipe- Trick or treat pie? trick or treat cookies write out spelling words with it
watch Macy's Parade on TV /Browse black Friday ads
watch Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and eat same food
read fall and Thanksgiving books
make birthday treat for Papaw
Treats for fire station
Veteran's Day
make thankful pumpkin as a family
eat fall cookies- toffee apple, pumpkin spice, snickerdoodles, oatmeal scotchies
Thanksgiving feast at school
make and something pecan- coffee cake, truffles, cobbler
make a pie and eat it- sugar cream, no bake pumpkin, cranberry apple, blackberry, oatmeal, cranberry cheesecake
remember/celebrate birthdays- Dad, E and Justice
Thanksgiving dinner at church
edible turkey- cheeseball, nutter butter
Thanksgiving breakfast- pilgrim hat oatmeal, turkey donuts
  keep up with handprint placemats
Themed lunch- turkey meat and cheese tray
 turkey tortilla roll-up? turkey cheese stick? turkey Hershey's kiss, pretzel rolo candy corn turkeys, turkey pepper, turkey pb cookies, turkey root beer, pilrim hat quesadilla, turkey leg caramel pretzels choc covered

turkey craft
Also did some feather hand eye coordination
and made a silly door for the boys to see when they got home!

Thanksgiving story crafts- spoon pilgrim, basket, teepee
 play in leaves
frozen yogurt
eat deer meat
make and eat soup - pork chili verde, chicken and wild rice, vegetable, chili
board games 
celebrate a random holiday
hike at nature center or family walk
home improvement project-  kitchen
 take picture by red bush outside (church clothes?)
someplace fun- zoo? coney island? renaissance fair? hockey game
eye doctor- Tuesday Oct 11. I got dailies!(Glad they didn't see me park before my appointment, or I would have gotten a cane and dark glasses instead! ha ha)

native American- love how the moccasin turned out!
pilgrim-  sticky felt and duct tape-my kind of sewing!)
dental health month
cornucopia (I thought for sure we did this craft last year, shrug.)
President's Day
nuts, acorns, pinecone
candy- "magic" pumpkin, math books,
fall animals- squirrel, fox, raccoon,
crow, owl
spider-squeeze fruit lid
spider web sticky tape and paper wad
skeleton/human body, bones
mummy-yarn hoop
witch- broom painting, footprint craft
Dracula- origami lips or handprint
Frankenstein- tissue paper suncatcher, number coloring
haunted house, black cat, moon
Indian corn- soak in water until it grows shoots.
candy corn- greater than less than and place value game (sent link to B's teacher)
fire safety
pumpkin (patch)
jack o lantern- 
popcorn month
fall tree (baggie painting)

cranberry- sensory bin

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