Saturday, November 5, 2016

Kitchen Remodel This Week

MONDAY, we were busy with Halloween!

I bought more organizers and unpacked more,
I got an invitation!!
That night, we went to Lowes to browse backsplashes and buy lights and knobs (called circus) ! 
Church was cancelled because they were repaving the parking lot (The church gave the money they saved to help the Eckherts instead, so someone donated 18,000 to have the parking lot done! PTL!) so after crockpot beef and noodles,
 we were able to start on the doorknobs! ( And realized, that the boxed knobs were different from the ala carte, and once again, we  forgot about the "red-headed step-child cabinet"!)
 The handles we picked were different sizing than the drilling guide, so the one handle he put in was a lot of work!

The boys were picked up for a birthday party at Recreations Outlet (Happy 9th C.Ware!),
I met them later, finished an orange scarf to donate to the woman's shelter, and started a teal one (got the yarn from dollar tree!)
and E was busy with a deacon's meeting and basketball. No kitchen work done today! 

I did my second (and last!) load of dishes in the laundry room sink-
Granite was installed!! (Said would be here between 10 and 1...It was 3:00 before they got here and they cut the window sill wrong :(
They are here!
W took pictures of the progress for me

AFTER!! I just want to stare at it and clean it!
I finally got to empty the last box and load the top drawers!

That night, Kari kept the kids (Doug was on day two of his hermitage at the land.)
 and E and I had dinner and went to Ikea. (It's still a date if we run errands without kids, right?)  We went before eating and almost closed the place down. E talked me about of the shoe organizer I wanted to use in the dining room, but we bought a buffet table to use as a TV stand. E was thrilled, obviously. Ha ha!

(We didn't eat dinner until 9:30 and had to go to two places because Longhorn had a 30 minute wait!! Applebee's to the rescue!)

I returned the yellow and white curtains because I didn't love how they looked with the countertops.

E worked all day running back and forth to Lowes, hooking up the touch faucet and garbage disposal!
Eric's plan to avoid changing color of all the outlets...fits right over and only costs a couple of dollars!
The touch operated faucet has a few quirks, but the new garbage disposal is soooo quiet! I LOVE it!
I immediately got to work making dinner (and using real dishes)! Soooo nice to have a useable kitchen again!!

(I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond later to's obvious I'm deep in the kitchen phase, because I wanted EVERYTHING!)

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