Saturday, November 12, 2016

Kitchen Reno: So close!

E installed the can lighting like a BOSS!

I made chili verde with the leftover pulled pork, and served it with candy corn bread!

(The boys did not like it because of the food coloring, so I took the rest of it and more pulled pork to Kara.)

We had the best parent teacher conference ever! B's teacher said he was a "role model" and a "good example" to the other students. She loves how he comes in with a good attitude every day. His test scores were awesome and his report card was perfect! Our conference was super quick, but we took some time to look at B's work hanging in the hallway.
 of all the things to be thankful for....
 B chooses some random friend from school.

Handling the trash cabinet!
We went to two hardware stores for some backsplash choices, and I got new curtains for the living room and dining room again! (Love how they look with the countertops!)
 dark bamboo shades?

I asked for window treatment advice on facebook,W was sent home sick from school (fever), so E stayed home from church with him, and put in the last piece of the under sink vent,
and started putting together our Ikea buffet/tv stand.
Tried some paint options (color matched from the curtains. Green is too dark and I only like the beige on when it is painted on the white wall. I do not want to have to primer the whole LR/DR!) and different backsplash choices.
 E loves the patterned one on the right, but I only like it in one kind of lighting, other than that, I worry it is too busy....

E made and painted the shelves for the TV stand (Since it is a server instead of a tv stand it had drawers, which didn't work for the electronics.)

E went to (2) Lowes for the backsplash I picked and more paint samples (Tried to make the color matched -25% but the beige turned a horrible skin color and the green didn't seem to change at all! The other light green I tried is too neon for me....)
 while I beat W at chess, planned Thanksgiving with my mom and took a shower.
New TV stand is done!
Before and After!
I got up early for ice coffee and listening to my music while grocery shopping (got another one of those pan organizers to store electronics in the tv stand!)

While E opened his new wet saw (Happy early Birthday, ha ha) and laid backsplash tiles, (I hope I chose right!)
I primed the dining room, (bye, bye yellow!)
ran to Lowes for more paint and the Library to drop off the scarves I crocheted for the women's shelter tree at the library,
 had a Chipotle floor picnic, (because everything from dining room was packed into LR)
 took a quick nap, (E was still hard at work)
then primed the sliding glass doors and painted the dining room!

I've never painted a whole room before-it is a lot of work, and I can see every little mistake I made! I'd like to think that next time E tells me "it's a big job" or "we shouldn't do two projects at once" that I'll listen............but I probably won't.

E was still working,
while the boys and I enjoyed a November favorite- our Charlie Brown Thanksgiving!
 We are soooo close to the finish line, hooray!!

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