Saturday, November 19, 2016

Kitchen Renovation-Basically done!

The last week of renovation!

E put in the last of the backsplash tiles, while I realized that even with a chair, I was just too short to paint the entire Living room!
Thank goodness I have E!
I had the morning off, so I put one last coat on the sliding glass doors,
and painted the pantry door. (I also scraped up paint splatter that I had gotten all over the dining room floor and mortar off the kitchen floor. Razor blades get things really clean!)
It was E's birthday, so I fed him homemade fettuccini Alfredo with bacon and broccoli, and peach ice cream with a hot-from-the-oven

store bought pie crust
4+ cups of blackberries
full 2/3 cup sugar
dash of salt
1 TB lemon juice
2 TB flour

Preheat oven to 350. Mix ingredients together.
Place in prepared pie crust and top with another crust. Bake at 350F for 50-60 minutes.

then I put him to work finishing setting the tile,
 and grouting the backsplash! 
While E did that, I went crazy with my new favorite things (besides cabinet organizers and razor blades)- mini felt pads!
I put them under the fruit holder, butter dish, Keurig and knife block, then put them in places where my cabinets were touching other things(by dishwasher and microwave, spice cabinet insert) - no scratches on my watch! I feel like a genius!
 Backsplash is installed!!
 That night, I dropped my cast iron pot on my pinkie.....since E installed an entire kitchen with a possible broken finger, he had no sympathy for my "little bruise"!
My friend Kara came over to tour the kitchen and give me some paint color and dining room picture advice. (Of course, E got right to work making chili- he loves it when Kara and Kara Falk give me a hard time about him doing things around the house!)
She confirmed our dark blinds choice, picked four colors to try and suggested that I go wider with my dining room pictures. After she left, I put this configuration together:
I found a painting I want at Lowe's (waiting for the go-ahead from E)
bought a new doorknob for the pantry, replaced the picture frame with the broken corner and tried the four colors, dill, pear, Bahia grass and white raisin.
 and E put in the window sill and hung up the blinds (which I hated and took down immediately because they don't hide anything!)

I primed the rest of the kitchen walls, (how had I never noticed that the wall to the right behind the fridge has always been a different color than the rest of the kitchen?!)
and put up the pictures in the dining room! (Ignore the empty frame and sideways picture!) I'm going to try white mats in just the big one, and in all of them to see which I like better....
A gross Chinese buffet  (B ate octopus!)
and game night with the Falks- E won Catan twice!

They talked sports, I googled Obama and Biden memes and shared fun facts. While we played...
 Clubs are trump, you say? 
No kitchen work done, but I got to show off what we had so far...
While I took the boys to see Fantastic Beasts (finally using the Fandango gift card from Don and Sue),
E painted the kitchen green, (I taped and did the trim!)
put up the blinds,
and the valance (going to have mom even it out-the curvy bottom is not my style.),  
painted around the kitchen lights and replaced bulbs in dining room,
bought a new dining room vent cover,
and installed under cabinet lighting!

Check this out: VIDEO

Motion activated- I LOVE IT!!! I had E add two more so every cabinet is lit!
All that's left is the rest of the trim and a new pantry doorknob!

Now that all the hard work is done, E relaxes with a small snack, ha ha!

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