Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving Day 2016

5:30 am is not a fun time to wake up, let alone to discover YOUR FIRST GRAY HAIR!! (But the more that I get, the sooner I get to go back to highlighting my hair and being blonde like I should be!)
I had to soldier on, we had a big day ahead!

In the car by six for a brief pit stop at Mejier (Sale started at 6am, Lego Dimensions for the boys BOGO 40% off!- I got the last one of each at 6:04am!)

Turkey donuts on the road (Except for E because he decided to do his own thing and get McDonald's).
We made good time, arriving at Nanny and Papaw's by 8:03!

A perfect time for fresh out of the oven rice pudding, giving presents (drapes and pillows for mom) and some Simpson's chess...
Dad had it smokin' hot with the wood burning stove, so we took a family picture right away so Eric and the boys could take off their sweaters! (Found these-two different sizes- at a kid's second-hand store! Just wish you could see my necklace that I bought just for this occasion!)

With Puddin' as the photographer, it turned into a photo shoot, ha ha!
More chess! E and Nate each won one. (I played Nathan next, but only one game, I could only stand so much humiliation!!)
Around ten, Uncle Roger called to get an invite to dinner, and I decorated my cheeseball. I love it!! (Despite his three cups of coffee, Dad was already snoozing on the couch, so I had to wake him up to see it!)
J liked the craft I had brought for her to make,
and the boys had no problem staying occupied with Minecraft in Nathan's room!
Right before lunch, W showed off his musical talents...
Papaw was not the best audience.... (His laughing made me laugh, which made W laugh and make weird noises, which made us laugh even harder!)
Mom and Nate thought me being grossed out by the turkey neck (which was everywhere I looked when we were preparing lunch!) was hilarious, so they staged this picture with my traitor son! So. Gross.
The  early morning hit Eric hard!
Uncle Roger called and said he would be late, so we went ahead and ate (with the disposable plates and utensils I brought so I wouldn't have to wash dishes).  Everyone but mom loved my corn, and the cinnamon butter was a big hit. Autumn's green bean casserole tasted not quite done (maybe because she used frozen green beans?) and needed a little something (said her recipe didn't call for Worcestershire). The yellow squash she sautéed made Justice sick. I'm just glad she had showed up and helped mom! She had to work at four so she took a nap after lunch.

After Uncle Roger got there, he ate and we sat around and talked
and had dessert! My oatmeal mock pecan pie wasn't as good as I had hoped, and my own brother preferred the store bought sugar cream pie over mine (allegedly because of the temperature)!

After some ice cream (or in Z's case, a plate of whipped cream), the boys played outside.
When Uncle Roger left and the food was all put away, I showed no mercy to the girls in Scrabble,
and mom hand-sewed my grey coat and a pair of B's pants for me while I tried really hard to stay awake and keep her company.

Dinner (started with me reading a Psalm) was leftovers (with the addition of Pud's friend and his girlfriend for company) and chips but no popcorn :(

B came in to announce his other front tooth was loose! After wiggling it, and flipping it around (blech!)
It came out!

Dad and E went out to the barn to watch football and mom and I chatted a bit while the kids played Trouble, then we loaded up and headed home! (Mom and dad both had to work on Friday.)

It was a great day with my family! Can't wait to see them again at Christmas!

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