Friday, November 18, 2016

Two Season Traditions

Yesterday, I didn't have to work, so during the day, I went to B's Thanksgiving banquet at school,
then later, parent-teacher conferences for W. (Said he was very smart but only does the bare minimum :(. )

That night, as soon as E got home, we headed to Milford for the Christmas parade! 
 check out my Santa scarf!
It's starting!

Sonic's hot dog
but not as creepy as this Frosty the Snowman!
This truck had a reindeer on front!
This Frosty was much better!
My people!! They shot little cows from a t-shirt cannon! They skipped us when handing out gift cards, though :(  (Later, when I commented on the parade picture on their facebook page, my favorite worker Tara commented back and I realized that Kari Falk used to be her youth group leader!)
Grinch switched from a sleigh to a monster truck!
A nod to Thanksgiving...
 getting candy! 
 rockin' out!
Strange to see this when it is 65 degrees out...
but it might snow this weekend- boo!

Love this new tradition! I told the Neals about it, so they went, too! Maybe next year we'll go together!

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