Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas at Home

The boys woke up at 4:30am, but I asked them to wait "a couple of hours" until they saw if Santa came!

Exactly 6:30...
Video camera is running, let's open presents!
Both boys got a book. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child for W, Diary of Wimpy Kid for B.
New shirts- Fantastic Beasts for W, camo under armour type for B.
With the labeled presents done,  they got into their "Santa sack" to see which wrapping paper was theirs. W had striped, B's looked wood-grained. Santa brought more Lego Dimensions (Fantastic Beasts and Ghostbusters) and more!

When everything was unwrapped, (and we had eaten French toast sticks and two pounds of bacon) I took a nap (Still trying to get rid of this cough/cold)!

Time to play one of the two family game gifts. Pie Face Challenge (VIDEO)
Mom vs Dad (VIDEO)
And the last, championship round!
B flying his new drone in the garage (it may have been forty degrees outside, but it was too windy).
Opening stockings!
I got E some camo skivvies (ha ha) a National Lampoon moose cookie cutter and a giant Lindor truffle. I got myself socks and barrettes, kinda bummed there wasn't any Lindor Truffles in there. (The boys brought me Nerds later (such sweet angels).

W loved his glasses that make Christmas lights look like gingerbread
or elves!
After Stromboli for lunch we put together a puzzle. It is fun to find the pieces that we wrote the dates on.

Dessert was a chocolate orange (way better than the 1.00 chocolate covered cherries)! E and B put up his new light switch.
I had planned a big ham dinner and having Jesus's birthday party, but none of us were hungry. (Too much stocking candy for them, I guess.)
Maybe because I was still sick, or because I'm older but it didn't feel much like Christmas... guess we will try again on Friday!

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