Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas Play

W picked out his own outfit to sing a preview of that night's musical in church on Sunday morning

but B and I couldn't see it in person because he had been up all night with a stomach bug! (My SIL posted it here.)

Thankfully, E took a video on his phone! (Which, unfortunately, is too long to post here.)

Not only did we miss that, but we missed seeing White Castle Santa at lunch. (E didn't want to go see the "ghetto Santa", but I convinced him. Hey, kids eat free!)
B wasn't up to eating, but E brought me home some.

B had a rough go of it in the morning, but in the afternoon, he seemed better. I had him get dressed to go to the play, but he was so lethargic, and at one point, thought he had to puke (and expressed nervousness about pooping his pants on stage.) so we told him he couldn't go. Poor Baby was so sad to miss his very first speaking part :(

E got the whole performance on video, and took some pictures!

W rocked his sarcastic speaking part and even ad-libbed. He got a lot of laughs!
This was R's first play, and she was the youngest one, but she did great!
Hated missing it, but loved the video!

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