Thursday, December 1, 2016

Countdown to Christmas and Back in Business

Dec 1
Breaking out the new advent calendar I got on Target clearance after last Christmas!

Inside each little door is a piece of paper. One side has a Bible verse, (from here) and the other has a fun activity I have planned for that day!
Today, we put the nose and antlers on the Jeep
 and made a video tour of our new kitchen and Christmas decorations (and, because he insisted, B's room)! I wish we had used our video camera more this year!

I then filled out my first job application in at least 11 years!
E's office mate will be out for a couple of weeks with medical issues and the filing and data entry is piling up! Since my SIL's last day of work is tomorrow (end of an era!), I can step in and work temporarily part-time to help E for some iced coffee money and some recent job experience for my resume!

 B didn't take the news well (I didn't think it would be a big deal since I would get him on the bus in the morning and be home before he got back for the first two weeks....but the job will coincide with the boys' Christmas break so E set it up so they will spend a few hours at Kari's each day and he was not happy about that!)
I looked up addresses from forever ago, contacted my references for a heads up and finished. When E came home and read it, he started laughing hysterically! Maybe it was the scribbles, the smiley face, or the part where I listed Pinterest and iced coffee under extra curricular, ha ha

Now I have to get a drug test (inconvenient!) and figure out what to wear, since I only own church clothes and pajamas. When I asked E, he said, "not ankle length skirts!", but that is 90% of my non-pajama wardrobe!!

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