Saturday, December 31, 2016

Last Christmas

I had just put Tom's present from last year (slippers) on his bed, made one more treat
and put up one last (bought that morning on clearance) Christmas decoration (but had forgotten to take the curler out of my hair!)
before Tom and Shery showed up with a car full of gifts!
As soon as E came home from work (and I got him with my new mistletoe on a stick), and we said hi to Kari (super styling in leggings and tall boots), Doug and the kids, we had our appetizer buffet!

Time to open presents!
R opens my old dolls.
B tore into his presents so fast!
a Christmas story shot glass on a Christmas light necklace for E.
Lego set (the same one I had bought on Amazon and then had to return because Sherry bought it)!
I got a dust pan and a pie guard.

dry fit shorts for E
More Fantastic Beasts stuff for W!
We got Tom a whole Kahns bologna and more "Cincinnati food".

Kari and Doug got Sherry a hammock!

The aftermath!
Trying on their new clothes!
The adults playing with W and B's Ninja turtle helicopters.
Mouth guard game!
Sherry was a pro!

E conspired with W to use his turn to reveal the news
that they were able to get all my pictures of the hard drive. HOORAY!!

Tom was reluctant, but we made him do it!
(Watching the video later of us playing was even more fun than actual playing!)
Playing with some new presents!
This was a big hit with everyone!
All these new toys, and B chooses to play with a box!
W loves his new robot.
Another great Christmas!

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