Friday, December 23, 2016

Last Week Before Christmas...

For church, E broke out the Boxer short Santa tie he has had since high school
 and the boys' sleepover ended with coordinating outfits!
 The adult choir did a great job and the set was beautiful!
 That night, we didn't have church, so we went to the Boves for a Chipotle buffet!
While the kids played downstairs,
the adults saw a baby JW on vhs,
and played Buzzword!

I woke up not feeling great, so put the kids in charge of delivering my home-made fudge (pb was the best!) to the neighbors! (E had taken boxes for our coworkers to work already that morning.)
The rest of the week was a blur of me constantly popping cough drops/cold medication and laying around on the couch....
(at work, I was going through a filing cabinet and entirely skipped two drawers one day!)
While I was at work,  B made a craft at Aunt Kari's.  
and drew me a picture.
 At home, the boys played a lot of "Defense" (hallway soccer with a tennis ball game that Devin invented while he was here)

 I was still struggling, but managed to do the grocery shopping (needed more cold meds!), and had the boys do a craft.
 We rescheduling our zoo lights plan because of rain (and how I was feeling) and instead, sat down to watch Home Alone (with the boys in their themed shirts, of course)!
 E had been hinting for slippers, so since I found them 50% at the store, he had something to open! (Ladder, a truck AND slippers- he is SPOILED!)
 E let the boys open one present, too. ("From Santa" and in wrapping paper they know that we own :/
Early bedtime for me- tomorrow is Christmas Eve and we go to Indiana for Christmas!

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