Saturday, December 10, 2016

Out with Old, and In with the New

Yesterday, I asked E to do the grocery shopping while I did the library event, some Christmas shopping, some gift wrapping and cleaned the downstairs...

Instead of buying food, he comes home with THIS!
(The Jeep was too expensive to fix, so we could sell it to a junk yard for 250 or get almost ten times that for a trade-in....)

TEST RIDE(B was in heaven! He oohed and aahed over everything! He called the glove department a napkin holder ha ha that's my boy!)
It fits all of us, is a four wheel drive and not a stick shift (plus heated seats, blue tooth, lighted makeup mirror and a back up camera), so E went to negotiate the deal while I took B to a birthday party for a girl from school.
I had to leave him there to follow E so he could take the trade-ins....not just the Jeep, but his baby "Snow White"!

He bought her brand new when he was a senior in high school and even though she had a two growing rust spots, a broken air conditioner and an oil leak, E was bummed to let her go! (I think this is one of the only times E has asked me to take a picture of him!)
So, of course, once the deal was done, he named his new truck "Snow White 2"!
When I picked up Ben from the party, he told me about everything he did, including play the Ouija board! Ack!! Second grade! We had a serious talk about it on the way home.

B was so excited about the new truck! He said, "I wish I was a teenager...I just really want to drive that truck!"

After the kids go to bed, E reads his new truck's owner manual, ha ha!
A new kitchen and a new truck, E and I won't be opening any Christmas presents from each other for YEARS, ha ha!

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