Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Party and a Project

Our Tuesday nights are usually spent at home, but tonight, we were busy!

The boys got a haircut, (W's is so much shorter I thought he would be upset, but he wasn't! E and I love it!)
then we had a fifth birthday for CC!
W spent most of his token card (no more coins!) on one game
but B was all over the place!
Do a little dance, then get free tickets from Charles Entertainment Cheese!
B helped Arty do the moves,
then later went to town on the air guitar, ha ha!
time for cake!
After CC opened his presents, the boys cashed in their tickets. So silly!

Meanwhile, back at home, E installed a new sink and base in the boys' bathroom! (Proving he will do almost anything to skip a kid's birthday party, lol!)
The sink itself was what he hated the most,
so he bought just a replacement marble sink top yesterday. Unfortunately, it didn't fit into the old sink base. Lowes doesn't sell bases the same size as they sell their ala carte tops, so we bought a base/sink combo and actually saved money!


Here's a side by side!
Looks great (The boys don't like it- they hate that their water spout whale doesn't fit on the spigot!) but now the medicine cabinet doesn't match (and we might need to do a little tile surround)!

A busy weeknight!

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