Wednesday, December 28, 2016

PNC Festival of Lights

We may not have done a lot of driving around to look at Christmas lights, but this year, we got to see the country's best zoo lights! Kari and Doug invited us to go with them, and between them and their friends Matt and Amy, we didn't have to pay anything!

We left as soon as E got home from work, which was too late...the crowds were TERRIBLE!  (Doug and I voted we turn around, ha ha)
There was no place to park so after circling for FOREVER,
we went in the parking garage. It was a two or three block hike  but we made it in!
photo opp!
It sprinkled off and on throughout the night, and there were people EVERYWHERE, but we got to see lions,

fish and manatee,
a candy cane forest,
some reptiles,
a nativity,
and Frosty!
Can't go to the zoo without a rhino statue picture!
light tunnel on our way out
E must have seen Kari taking pictures because he  grabbed me by the neck and yanked me over to walk by him. I wondered what was happening, but learned to take the shreds of affection I get without question!

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