Saturday, December 17, 2016

Santa Cow and Christmas Story Sleepover

After a late night, we woke up with big plans! (I wanted to wake the kids up ASAP to get the "out of the house" portion of my day over with, but Kari Falk wouldn't let me!)

Five boys off to Chick-fil-A to see Santa Cow!
As soon as we got in line to order, my girl Tara (aka Elf Cow) gave me a big hug!
A couple of pictures in line,
then we picked a table and the boys made picture frames while waiting for a formal photo
before we ate.
My SIL, niece and nephew came later and sat near us! (Arty just wanted to go play!)

They accidentally made two of my iced coffees-a Christmas miracle!
(They ran out of stuffed cows, so B got a big one and he LOVES it!)

That afternoon, I made some Christmas appetizers for the freezer,
and got ready for the boys' surprise sleepover with W's best friend that had moved away this summer!
They had a blast! They played upstairs and downstairs, put on a concert for me,
and then, the MAIN EVENT- Our annual Christmas Story Dinner!
Devin sure came ready to dine "Like the little piggies eat"!
(It was his first time having meatloaf!)

Messy fun!
Time for the show!
When Ralphie opened his presents, Devin opened his from us, wrapped in Christmas Story paper (of course)!
It was a fun night!

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