Friday, December 9, 2016

This Week and More Christmas Countdown Activities

Christmas day 5- My first day back to work!
I was WAY overdressed (E did try to warn me),  and their were papers EVERYWHERE!

I ate lunch when I got home at 2:30 and took a nap! Having a real job is EXHAUSTING!

It was also B's first day... as Student of the Week! Here is the poster he made.
After school, he practiced his spelling words in hot chocolate.
After dinner, we had Upward evaluations. The boys did theirs and left, I stayed the whole time to coach.

Christmas day 6- Charlie Brown Christmas and dinner!
Night two of Upward cheer evaluations- the boys hung out with me while E took the jeep to be repaired.
When it was all over, and we were on our way to pick up E, he texted me to take my time because he was test driving a new truck-YIKES!

Christmas day 7
I got busted- E asked me what I've been drinking in my thermos at work every day....yep- it was iced coffee!
We had AWANA and donated food.

Christmas day 8
Making Christmas cookies! A batch of oatmeal scotchies for the freezer, and some sugar cookies to eat!

rolling out the dough
cookie cutter time!

and ready to eat! Yum!
That night, W was busted (AGAIN) for taking a shower without soap or shampoo, sigh!

Christmas 9
B came home and announced he was his class's December Student of the Month!! So proud!

The kids had choir practice at church, so after Kari and Doug dropped off Reagan, they came to our house for fast food dinner and company!

I was tired from a whole week of having to be dressed and presentable EVERY DAY but I was able to get all my Christmas cards done! :0

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