Saturday, December 17, 2016

This Week's Christmas Countdown

B had his very first Student of the Month lunch with his principal (So proud!)
She tweeted about it here.
 and W had his very first band concert!!
 Even when the trumpets were introduced and stood up, I couldn't see W ! (He's on the left, behind the kid in the Santa hat and the brunette girl. )
 They did a great job and it wasn't too long! (I felt bad later that we didn't stay to see our church friends' kids perform...)

Love my little trumpet player!

 I finished the Bible candy bar treats I made for B's class at school,
and we had some peanut butter pie and dress up while we watched Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!

 I got some awesome wrapping paper for Nate and Reagan before I picked up W from chess club,

we called Nanny for her birthday,
decorated gingerbread men with my Puggles class,
B made a card for a soldier (and his teacher loved it so much, she made a copy for me!)

and got to see the Super Moon!
 (Check out their arms loaded down with treats from AWANA-cookies, candy...W's name was drawn out of a drawing for donating food and he got a light saber! I made out like a bandit, too! I got a candy bar, caramel popcorn and a redbox code with popcorn and candy for teacher gifts!)

Teacher's gift made
and a drive through nativity!

The boys came home hopped up on sugar from celebrations at school. B got a whole bag full
and was so proud to show me the ornament with his picture in it he brought home!
Dinner was Skyline (and a GIANT vanilla coke for me) before the Falks came over for a sleepover (while Kari Falk, Kara and I had a Girl's Night watching Fuller House on Netflix!)

SOME of us stayed up and watched all 13 episodes... (with breaks for chatting, pajamas, popcorn and a lot of chocolate peanut butter goodies)
 By 1:00am, I didn't care about the show (but did nail an unasked for solo of "Scrubs") ...we soldiered on and finished around 2.
The boys were still making noises at 3am, but finally crashed.
Kara pulled a groin muscle trying to leave, (She says it was ice, but I blame it on the leg lifts she was doing earlier)!

Only nine more days until Christmas!

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