Saturday, January 14, 2017

Basketball Begins

First Upward games of the season!

Starting off with a special breakfast! I wanted to make a net too, but it did not work out. The kids filled up on the discarded hoop pancakes and didn't even eat the basketball one! (Maybe because I used canned yams to make it orange.)
B's game first!
The first shot of the game...
He made it!!
always ready for the ball!

happy even on the bench!

Getting his star...
Next up, I was coaching my girls. Excited for their first game (and super cute in the new monogrammed bows I gave them)!
National Anthem
On the sidelines. I wouldn't pay attention, one wouldn't stay off the wall, and unfortunately, one is in the middle of some custody drama.
tumble buddies
pictures during half-time!
W's turn!
Back in the room for the stars!
white for Christ-likeness and a snack ticket!
Can't believe this is his very last year of Upward!

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