Saturday, January 7, 2017

First week of 2017

I taught Sunday school and got this picture of B holding the Christian flag during pledges.  
W was excited because Pastor Rick asked him and Taylor to be in charge of turning on the music on Sundays.

E and I were both off work but the kids had school. That has never happened! We got the Christmas decorations taken down and the living room cleaned and rearranged, (I need some wall art, it looks so empty!)  then ran to Target for new lamps and Lowe's for a new plant!

B came home -looks like his drawing for his animal report got sidetracked by Ghostbusters! ha ha
At work, they (permanently?) moved me from Accounting to Soft lenses. There I was in my sweater, dress pants and flats, opening boxes and restocking shelves, ugh. Most physical work I've ever done!
E replaced the small lamps with appropriately sized ones, and bought himself a essential oils diffuser.
(eye roll)
My recovered hard drive came back, so I got to work on my photo book! Only one more day until the 50% sale is over!

I learned my lesson and wore jeans and tennis shoes to work.
I didn't have to cook breakfast, and I won't for the next two months of Wednesdays! Yah!!
I rushed home from church and finished my photo book! Can't wait until it comes in!

It snowed all day! The boys got an early dismissal from school, so I got to leave work early! whoop whoop! I had time to pick up a couple of things from the store, and drop off a treat for my friend Kara. I got home as W was getting off the bus, so we raced to the house. I would have beat him if he hadn't cut through the yard (and if those dumb trash cans weren't in my way)! ha ha ha
The boys had a great time playing in the snow, and I got to catch up on housework and make a more involved dinner!
 E's deacon meeting was cancelled, too. I love nights when we are all home and have nothing to do!
I made this castle with empty boxes as I emptied and stocked contacts on the shelves. This was 2.5 hours of work, people! (Yes the boxes on the bottom not showing the labels bug me....)
 That night, we had a family movie night! W picked Middle School: Worst Years of My Life. I was shocked in the middle, and teared up! W thought it was better than the book.

Upward Cheer Clinic! We learned a cheer, chant and jumps, and handed out uniforms and schedules.
I love coaching and am excited about this year's squad! (R-L Jaden, Audrey, Taylor, Mattie, Stephanie. Back row- Bree, Coach Natalie, Jenna and me. Not shown, Addy.)

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