Saturday, January 21, 2017

Game Night with Wares

Thanks to some facebook guilt-tripping, and after some "are we on or not", we had the Wares over for a game night!

They brought Donatos pizza and a game, Wits and Wagers!
Their son, Payton, had some hilarious guesses! This was either his guess for Jackie Robinson, or invention of TV!
meanwhile, the younger kids were running around planning and practicing a puppet show!
I learned some new slang "Git Rekd", and broke into songs a couple of times :)

Last question- all the money goes too...
Time for an ice cream buffet!
Then we gathered around for the puppet show!
Here's a bit of it: VIDEO
(W later wrote four more acts for the play!)

As we were watching, Jon gets a text from a wrong number, and continues to answer back, trolling some poor old guy named Arnard.

After thirty minutes of trolling Arnard, Jon says "This is the most fun I've had in a while!"
"in a while"?! We literally just had game night, and you are still at my house!? ha ha ha

More chatting and some last minute battles,
and we called it a night!

Glad for church friends!

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