Sunday, January 8, 2017

Pump It Up

Yesterday, we went to my nieces "friend party" at Pump It Up!
We had never been there before, but had heard great things. I was tired from cheer clinic, and feeling anti-social, but was glad I went because I got to see...

Everyone, even adults, obediently only stepping on purple squares on the way back to the room....
Lots of obstacle course racing...
the big guys on a tall slide...

dismounting the teeter totter is not always easy, right Doug?
My boys bouncing super high! VIDEOs

air hockey!
W going all ninja on the obstacles.
Doogle hula hooping
and B being a helpful cousin!
Then I tried some of it myself!

I raced against Kari in the obstacle course, and she SMOKED me! I just could NOT get over this big hill!
I was passed by multiple small children,
almost made it a couple of times, but still failed....
Got a boost from my SIL's friend Deidre (and still failed)
Here's the whole embarrassing (but funny thing on VIDEO)
I didn't get to do the jumpy rope thing, because it was time to move on to the Glo room!
While the kids were all getting glo bracelets, E tried to capture the flag!
They had a really cool floor with games you play with your feet!

plus other activities!

It's obstacle course was much easier for me! ha ha Jen liked it, too!

Group photo!
One last room- with a throne!
Pizza and cake! (And for the adults, Jack-in-the-box tacos delivered by DanO!)
and some limbo!
One last bit of fun on the way out- funhouse mirror!

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