Saturday, January 28, 2017

This Week: Diet, Games, Showers and Sports!

 After church on Sunday, we went out to Dickey's BBQ with Kari and Doug.
 We got to discussing diets, and decided on a bet- whichever couple loses the highest percentage of body weight in three months wins. (We still haven't decided on a prize- paying for a dinner out seems kind of against the point!)

That night, E was looking at some albums he had gotten from his mom's storage bin. I got to see his prom album (He later teased that it included "the one that got away" and thought it was hilarious when I was infuriated!) and see some priceless shots of his old coach/a current Upward ref! ha ha
Day 1 of the diet-breakfast
After Kari and I shared our breakfast pictures, Doug asked to not be included in the emails, lol!

That night was a fake Thanksgiving (turkey was 99c/lb).
I had asked a friend from church to borrow her roaster, and she dropped it off with an extra treat! (Which I was able to enjoy because of a light lunch and working up a sweat during cheer practice!)
Another day at work where I couldn't do the project they wanted me to do because they didn't have the supplies (this would last all week).

I made spaghetti, but ate this for dinner instead. (I only like my spaghetti reheated the next day.)
 E got home late from work, so didn't get to eat until after he got back from home from taking B to Family Sports Night at his school. They competed in eight events and won one gold medal (in cup stacking) and two silver (ball toss, egg/spoon race)!
Turkey Manhattens and AWANA at church!

After work, I went shopping at Meijers. I got new earphones, a new iced coffee to try and Skechers on clearance and with an additional half off, only paid $15!
A boring night at home...we had leftover turkey (again) and got stuff done around the house! That night, I tried a new overnight air drying method on my hair.
I made a Pinterest fail (supposed to look like a Catan board) cold veggie dill and bacon pizza for game night with Jen and Dan at Kari and Doug's house!
 Kari had made Weight Watchers Chicken Chili, so we ate that and some of the Whole 30 approved snacks that Jen brought while we played Catan. (Convenient that 5/6 of the adults are on a diet!)
 The kids kept busy making messes and rotting their brains...
 Doug was struggling with his allergies and discovered a white dot in the brown part of his eye (that E could not see)...
 Kids on the clown couch...
 E was super thirsty, Dan got all red in the face (What was in that cup?) and Kari won!
We watched comedian Jim Gaffigan's Netflix special then called it a night!

I got up early to get an iced coffee, stopped by Dollar Tree for supplies for work etc (markers and razor blades) and then headed to church to help Betty set up for BT's "You are my Sunshine" baby shower.

So much good food! 
After seeing the dessert table
the wheels came right off the diet bus! (Maybe because I had just learned from an older lady at church (who heard from her great granddaughter that is in B's class at school) that B had kissed a girl at school!! My baby! Too soon!)
 I only got to see BT open a few presents
 before I had to leave to get ready for Upward.

and by get ready, I mean take a nap, get dressed and cut my bangs....
We played the same time as W, so while I got some pics of my squad,
I got none of myself or W. (Way to drop the ball, E!) He made up for it by doing the grocery shopping (mostly from a new place, Fresh Thyme) and buying me what I asked for, a holiday kitchen towel!

Bring on another week!

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