Saturday, January 21, 2017

Upward Sign Day

My whole morning (besides a shower) was spent making these awesome sugar and white pb cup basketball cookies for the boys' snacks!
Noon- Eric coaching B's team (bc the head coach wasn't there).
(This is when Kara realized E didn't have a coach's shirt!)
Having fun! Love that smile!
Crowd signs!
He's got the ball!
taking shots!
keeping his hands up!
Get stars, and then cookies!
Next was my game! My assistant coach was at a funeral and the girl that filled in, (Megan D) took a lot of pictures for me!
Since it was sign day we used signs in two time outs!
When our game was over,  I grabbed a half-priced hot dog from the concession stand (meanwhile, unbeknownst to me, E took the boys to Skyline!) and stayed after until it was time to cheer on W!
Here! Here!
Looking for a rebound!
weaving through the crowd
He shoots!
 first foul shot-a miss
 second one- He made it!
Taking a well-deserved break!
His number one fans (plus the photographer)!
 afterwards E took me to spend my Panera gift card
then it was home to plan next week's practice and game timeouts.

All Upward, all day!- this will be our every weekend until March!

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