Friday, January 13, 2017

Work Week

Found out (when E's boss Karen introduced me to some new reps from the new company that took over) that I do "special projects". Today's was make new boxes and add them to these shelves. Dust everywhere.  I miscounted and had to redo a couple of times. I also dropped a box. No one was around, but of course the head stocker Brenda heard it, gah!
Cheer practice that night!
My iced coffee from Chick-fil-A- Is this a sign that I'm there too much?
Started listening to Dr. Michael Youssef on my way to work. First message I heard was how your work was your mission field and if you are there, that is where God wants you. Convicting!

Still sorting boxes by the tiny little axis numbers.
stopped by Meijer after work for some shoe pads for my poor aching feet, and found some Christmas clearance (only 2 and $3.00)!
Our cute Puggles class praying at church that night.
Another iced coffee, yum!
B got his first love note from school.
Day off! Took the boys with me and bought some work clothes at my favorite second-hand store. Had to have something I can sweat in!
Then we went grocery shopping. Back home, B made us lunch!
Tonight is game night with the Falks!

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