Saturday, February 4, 2017

B is 7.5

Yesterday, B woke me up from a nap to tell me that I forgot to send cupcakes to school for his half-birthday, but it's ok, I can send in some on Monday! So in honor of his half birthday, here is a post of my baby's last six months!

Opening his birthday presents.
Seven year check up.
same height as W when he was 9 51.5 inches 53lb 61st percentile weight 95th height

Loves Nutella.
went shoe shopping with E went up two sizes since last year. was a one, now a 3!
Wanted "real tree" shoes, couldn't find any in his size, so we had to order them.

Meeting his second grade teacher.

At park with friends

spent his own money to get his newest obsession- Ghostbusters for Lego Dimensions. He said in Sunday School he wished he was old enough to watch the movie, made me add the backpack and stuffed toys to his amazon list! (and look, an ecto cooler!)
made his own proton pack!

Playing with the toys from Aunt Sharon.
Hugs for cousin Arty.
First day of school!
His confused face...
LOVES his Ipod!
Asks me to text him every day so he can have a message waiting for him when he gets home from school. I send him funny or inspirational pictures and tell him how much I love him!

Face timing Alex.
My handsome baby!
so much camo- makes him easy to buy for!
said his new favorite color is light green (like Jabba the Hutt).

With me at a cookout with the Pam, Chris and Sarah and Maya's family.
Eating icees at school on a hot day. B is in red shirt and black shorts. (They have no air conditioning. I'll be so glad when they build a new school!)
Some girl on the playground got rough during a game of tag. 
Alabama Road Trip

I brought lunch to him at school
Styling and profiling-he looks like a baby Aaron Land!

B, practicing his spelling words.
Halloween costume-so glad he decided not to be Jabba the Hutt!
He still pretends to be Jabba the Hutt sometimes, though!

after watching Puss in Boots
 Grocery shopping with mom! The boys sit in the cart reading until the cart gets too full!
Refuses to eat school lunches, except on the nights I ask him to pack his own lunch for school!

Awarded for visiting the library over the summer more than all the other second graders!
Drinking coffee like mom (mostly warm milk and creamer)!
Big Nate reading phase

Walkathon picture at school- He is hiding in the back middle.

His project for a Lego Contest (Slimer from Ghostbusters)

told me his favorite food of all times is sandwiches.

Watching Inspector Gadget before school.

His school picture- soooo handsome!
At Coney Island for Howl-a-Ween.
doing a jig
a ride with his dad
he was the bravest-rode all the big rides!
At the pumpkin farm. We finished the maze and got free pumpkins!
Trunk or treat in the Gamorrean guard costume I made for him!
Ghost hat!
costume night at AWANA
Grandparent's night at school.
B and his jack-o-lantern
Scary face pancakes at IHOP
decorating cookies and a spider craft
helping dad with the kitchen
full-size candy from AWANA
candy corn math
Reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid
I said he could have ONE scoop...

Got the part of Christian in the church Christmas musical!

When E got Snow White 2:  "I can't wait until I'm a teenager...I really want to drive that truck!"
so sad when he got the stomach flu on the night of the kid's musical

not just because he missed his very first speaking aprt, but because he wanted to ride in the truck!

"I've been thinking about having every day church on the bus because Ava doesn't go to church. (AWWWWWW)

started wearing his glasses all the time

His poster for when he was student of the week! (Notice the picture of him and his bestie, Nate 58.)

practicing spelling words in cocoa.
making Christmas cookies
He was invited to a birthday party! He made the card...
this became his screen saver afterwards...When I picked him up, he told me he played a new game- Ouiji!!! Gasp! We had to have a talk after that!
December's student of the month lunch with the principal.
showing me the ornament he made for me at school
Christmas story dinner
sweet letter B wrote at AWANA for the soldiers

playing the new game
picture my baby drew for me
Opening presents- brand new dry fit shirt
Christmas stocking mess!
 caroling with church
Playing with his favorite Christmas present from our Christmas. 

Chuck E. Cheese for Caleb C's fifth birthday
Got his first love note from school.

Having fun in Upward
 B's cheering section
 Love my boy!
 100th day of school!
 B has a sensational shooting style!
 Holding the flag during pledges in Sunday School
 jumping at Reagan's second birthday party
 B made lunch for us over Christmas break
 fondue during our second New Year's
 my little basketball player!
 Playing in the dentist's waiting room
 with his twin during Space theme night at AWANA
rocking his medals from family sports night! He and E won a gold and two silver!
 Electronics with Brendan O.
 Acting like a salt shaker in church
 floral gangster on AWANA Hawaiian theme night
 E checking how much B has grown (check out E's face- he loves getting his picture taken).
 Groundhog's Day!
Oh, and by the way, he did get his half-birthday cupcakes...E brought him some on the way home from work!

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