Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Emoji Valentine's Day!

I started prepping for my emoji themed Valentine's Day the night before!

I packed the box and Valentines  that B picked out and I made,
printed a note for B's teacher gift,
packed lunches for the boys...
(nothing says love like Valentine's yogurt, ha ha!)
hung up the Valentine present that I asked E to get me,
started breakfast....
loaded the gift bags (not shown a box of conversation hearts and an emoji water ball. Not much candy because they still have a bunch from Halloween and Christmas!)
and got the table all ready!
(When I bought these balloons at Five Below, I thought they would be shaped! I was disappointed.)
Icing time!
That's right, people, THIS IS HAPPENING!!
The boys are going to LOVE it!
W saw his at 5:45am.  (This is how he dresses to get on the bus,
but this is his new Valentine's shirt that was hidden underneath!) He couldn't wait to tell people at school that he ate poop for breakfast!
Over two hours later, B got to see it!
When the boys were home from school, I used the Valentines B got at his class party to make our annual placemat!  (Well, some of them...we didn't have enough clear contact paper to do them all :(
Dinner was easy- heart shaped pizza!
After dinner, we broke out the Emoji sticker book and Emoji game!
The boys did not have a firm grasp of the making a phrase/title,
so E won! He mostly enjoyed messing with me! ("Why are you still writing?!")
The plan was to do the Emoji puzzle, but I didn't realize it was 1000 PIECES! That's a whole weekend project, not a school night diversion!

Right before bed, B brought me a homemade card....and W threw his name on it really fast and tossed the pencil away, lol!
It was a great day with my Valentines!

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