Sunday, February 19, 2017

Long Weekend

Friday, I slept in, then we did some grocery shopping. W came prepared with money and a code to buy a Lego Batman minifig. (Unfortunately, they were all out.)
While we there, B picked out a 3.00 elephant (Hooray, Valentine's Day clearance)!
That night, we met the Kari Falk at Chipotle, then went back to her house for game night and GiGi's cupcakes!

Dan was so excited about icing that he wanted the game to be over! Kari Falk wasn't happy with Eric's win-
here she is explaining why SHE should have won!
After our dessert, we moved to the living room to play Catch Phrase on Dan's phone.
Saturday morning was Upward.
B first,
W's turn!
Gulp. This was the team that beat them by fifty last time....
I only got to see the first two periods, then I was off to coach!
our half-time stunt was AWESOME!
That night, (after a quick pit-stop at McD's so the boys could get Lego Batman Happy Meal cups) we went to the movies as a family! (First time in four years!)
The movie was hilarious (and you can't beat popcorn and purse candy for dinner!).

The next morning's plan was church, then grilling out for lunch. Thanks to an empty propane tank and a leak, E had to buy a new grill first! (Then put it together....
Infared, fancy!
So we grilled out for dinner instead, then it was back to church. Our class is reading through "Fight to the Death" by Wayne Mack, and the boys' class....I'm not sure WHAT they are doing, ha ha!
The best part is, our weekend isn't over yet! We have a whole other day!!

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