Saturday, February 4, 2017

Pageant Night

 Kari Falk got a 24 hour flu bag last Sunday when the pageant aired, so I recorded it and we watched it together last night! (Avoiding hearing pageant results was surprisingly easy....)

Food-check! (Not shown, Kari's five blocks of cream cheese peanut butter cheesecake that was chillin' on the back deck!)
Sashes and tiaras-check! (Kari Falk forgot hers for the picture, but at least she had her tiara socks on!)
E was randomly waving the camera around and pushing the button...
 We started eating and talking around 7, but didn't get to the pageant part until much later. We were horrified to see eighties fringed dresses, SHORTS with trains, blah/not really trying hair, a puppet show National costume (Contestant, ignoring question by Steve Harvey- "This is very heavy. I really want to put this down.") and MISS CANADA (cue barking)!!
 At least we had something super cute to distract us....
 Miss France won and we called it a night (not that I could sleep since Kara brought me a large vanilla coke when she picked up her dinner from Sonic)!

Love getting together with the girls!

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