Monday, February 6, 2017

Super Bowl Sunday

Sixth graders take turns working the electronics in Sunday school, this week was W's!
B, shaking like a salt shaker after learning that we are to be the Salt of the world.
After a good nap, it was time to get ready for the big game! I changed into red and black (E said we were rooting for the Atlanta Falcons because we hate the Patriots.) made football brownies,
got out the (for looking, not using) towel E got me when he went grocery shopping during my pageant night (he loves it when the girls see him help around the house and give me a hard time)
decided not to call Chipotle about shorting me a bag of chips, and made the loaded fries! Kari Falk brought the wings and her famous cookies.
Time to eat!
Ain't no party like a Fryman-Falk party!
Alex proved he is my spirit animal by cutting into the brownies to get the middle piece! (Way to ignore social norms, lol)
Despite reading two books, I did pay attention to the game! I actually cheered during the Falcons interception and run!
It looked like the Falcons had it in the bag until the very last minute...disappointing. That's what I get for caring! Now I will return to the football desert that is my normal life!

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