Saturday, March 4, 2017

Game Day March 4

Watch Upward Center Recap (where W is interviewed at 2:43

Ready for B's game! (Wearing my dollar tree headband-thought I'd try something besides the giant bow...)
 The run through!
 B was able to get off five shots and made three!

 His ball handling could use a bit of work, but he was fast

 and aggressive!
Grey star for offense! 
 After a 25 minute break, it was time for my squad's game!
 At half-time, we did our most advanced stunt yet (and the highest ever done in Upward history)!
 We even cradled at the end!

After our game, it was W's turn (wearing his brother's shorts because he couldn't find his)!
I took pictures with the good camera until I heard my co AWANA leader's name being called at half-time. She HATES that kind of thing, so of course, I had to get pictures!
light saber fight with Pupward!
 Back to the game....
On defense! He kept saying "no", "no"!

 Red star for defense!
 We had no plans that night, the best kind of night!

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