Thursday, March 2, 2017

Grandparent's Weekend

My parents and niece and nephew came to visit this weekend! Z showed off his new braces (I can tell a difference already!) and mom delivered gifts from Aut.
She nailed it with W's gift!
After an outfit change, (Dad was "tired of looking like a male model") the guys supervised the boys playing outside (It was almost 80 degrees outside) while J helped me make smoked sausage sandwiches for dinner.

E and I challenged Mom and Dad to a game of Euchre, which we lost by one point, ugh!

Dessert was Holy Cow cake (Butterfingers are Dad's fave)!
After dinner, I took J to my closet to try on clothes because she didn't have anything to wear to church on Sunday. My black maxi skirt fit her! She still needed more clothes (it's not easy being a 6'2" 14 year old), so mom asked if we could go to Meijer. (Everything else was closed.) I grudgingly went . (Driving in the dark and the rain, gulp) and helped J find four tops and talked her into a more flattering brassiere. (It took hours. I didn't get an Aunt of the Year Reward, but I did get a closing time Chick-fil-A iced coffee!)

Back at home, everyone else went to bed while J and I took our respective showers and watched the Librarian T.V. show before calling it a night.

The next morning, we headed to Big Boy for the breakfast buffet! (Dad's treat! I LOVE the cinnamon French toast!) Mom tried to put Z's leftovers in her purse, but I made her take them out and get a box-because I needed room for my purse bacon! lol

Photo opp! (Don't you love J's new sweatshirt?)
We heard that all the Family Christian Stores were closing, so we wanted to shop there, but Dad vetoed ... We toured Jungle Jim's instead!

All the props and decorations were a big hit!
Uncanny Resemblance!
Mirror in the candy castle
B's game didn't start until noon, and it was only 10:30....back to the house  for coats (Z rode with us and explained how he was being homeschooled now because of fights on the playground between Trump and Clinton supporters.....)
and so Dad could watch Flea Market Flip!
Finally it was time for Grandparent's Day at Upward! I put in my cheer bow (dad said, "Just like I remember you!") and we waited to get a seat.

 Mom and Dad helped form the run-through tunnel
and B had a great game! He made two shots and played a great defensive game!
Cheering Section!
Coach E did a great job!
B gets his star.
A break between (nap for me, more Flea Market flip for dad, ha ha), then it was W's turn!

Shortest starter
Starting with a jump ball!
He's open!!
Down the court!

This is where he shot a three and made it!!! The best moment of his season so far!!

I had to leave to get my squad ready for their game (half didn't show up for Monday's practice) so I handed mom my camera...ha ha
Shooting baskets between games...

Still got it!
My parents stayed to watch my girls' game...
It was a full-court game. For the first time, we did not only our half-time, VIDEO
(definitely not our best work)
but each themed time out twice. VIDEO

The girls loved our heart one the best.
When we were done, we went on our way to Fuji Steakhouse!
We didn't make reservations so we skipped the hibachi (and the forty minute wait) and got a table!
Everyone was happy with their food (fried rice for W, wings and noodles for B, sushi and half a hibachi meal for me and E, steak no soy for mom....) but Z because his shrimp came on top of vegetables. Mom and Dad had originally planned to spend the night again, but decided to leave after dinner. A few last pictures before they left! 
We had a great visit! Can't wait to see them again at Easter!

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