Saturday, March 11, 2017

Greatest Show on Earth

When I heard that the circus was closing down (after 146 years!), and that a friend was getting tickets for her girl scout troop, I knew I had to get some too! (Plus, since we ordered through her we got a group discount and awesome patches!)

Getting there was a bit rough, we passed U.S. Bank arena and paid to park at the mall.  We walked through the mall to get on the trolley, but had to get right back off because they didn't take credit cards or give change. So it was back to the mall to buy something to get change, then we finally got to sit on the trolley! Enjoying the short four (exact) dollar ride!

 We walked up to the arena (past two ladies with protest posters about animals) and made our way into the stadium through metal detectors, (W said he was going to brag about that at school...?) good thing the purse check wasn't detailed! ( I was able to smuggle in some dollar tree light wands for the boys.)
We got great seats!
We didn't take part of the pre-show activities

but E bought the boys (expensive) treats!

B made a big mess with his snow cone!
Show time! First ever female ringmaster!
song about "bizarre Bazaar"
(kind of a preview of all the acts.)
The storyline was that they were searching the whole planet for the greatest talent, starting in the desert. (This part dragged on a bit for E and I.)
and went to Mt. Everest

(I totally thought for a second, "I could do that"....then I remembered they were super high up in the air!)

and Mongolia.
(They flipped up into these! Basic cheerleading, really. ha ha!)
The strong man lifting 551lb with his teeth!
The clowns doing their version...
"Nitro Nicole" getting shot 104 feet out of a cannon at 66mph
Next was the Ocean

clown boat (They all tried to pick up the anchor, then fell down. The midget clown picked it up by himself and tossed it in! W liked this part!)

and the Serpents of the Sea
mermaid tails!
My favorite part was next in the Jungle.

He really made me nervous! VIDEO

Tigers! The guy kept yelling "Azuka"!

have a seat!
in a row (I wonder if they do the lighting like this on purpose so you have to buy a program....)
clowns trying to find the container with the Tiger's Roar
Intermission, (and the purchase of a very expensive lemonade)  then the CONCRETE jungle!
 Trained dogs
conga line
tight rope guys tumblers   VIDEO
It was a great ending for my boys! So glad they got to see the circus once in their life!

We saved four bucks by walking across the Ohio river back to the Newport Mall parking garage. Brrrrr!
It was my idea, and a lot of fun, but it will be a LONG time before I go downtown or be in such a big crowd again!

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