Friday, March 3, 2017

Job related

So, my SIL Kari has been off work for three months, and for three months I've been working at E's work.
From 9:30 to 2 every day I shelve or sort or tape, making a little over 9.00 an hour. I appreciate the fact that they are flexible with me, allowing me to work only when my kids are in school, but it doesn't even cover our grocery bill and it is definitely NOT something I want to do forever!

I really have no idea what I WANT to do, but I know that I want to be proud of what I am doing and I don't want my kids to be in daycare. (Being able to use my degree/experience and making more money would be a bonus). this waiting and uncertainty is rough! I got to thinking that if I was a substitute teacher or a part-time teacher, all my problems would be solved.

How I felt about making a resume/filling out applications:
 Monday I emailed my completed application to Miami valley (took me all of Saturday and Sunday night to answer the essay questions!). That night, I saw on facebook that Milford Christian Academy was recruiting at PCC,
so on Tuesday night I emailed my resume and cover letter to them. I was feeling really positive...until Melissa Hargis reminded me that they only hire their church members...

Wednesday a tree was down after last night storm/tornado warnings so I was 8 minutes late to work
(not that I'm in a hurry to be there- my current task is putting another piece of tape over the boxes that I taped and labeled the last couple of weeks.)

Thursday I got this...Kari Falk and Kara pointed out it wasn't an outright "no", but it is still a little discouraging.
but at least I ended the work week on a high note....Friday they gave us free food for National Employee Appreciation Day! Hooray for pizza!
Saturday, I remembered a friend posting about her kids school. It is half an hour away, only currently goes up to 6th grade and is a classical school (not sure what that really means)...I feel unqualified, and am not looking forward to more pages of essays, but I don't want to settle or give up because it is hard. So, I'm starting in on the application.

E votes for me to watch Kari's kids, but just wants me to decide and tell Kari. What I decide will affect her plans, whether I like it or not,  but there are so many factors!
  • I miss being home all day, but I make the same now working 4.5 hours a day that I would watching one kid in ten hours of babysitting. It is nice that when I am home it is just me and the boys....
  • The library is out because of the hours...I wonder if there any work at-home jobs I could do part-time?
  • If I work at a school, I wouldn't have to worry about the boys in the summer, but there are roadblocks. Am I ready to go back full-time? Do I want to go back to all the lesson plans/PT conferences and disciplining of teaching? Plus my certification doesn't allow me to work in any tax supported school, and I'm not willing to switch churches (which counts out the two Christian schools closest to me).
  • If I did want to teach, should I go get an accredited masters to become more employable? 

I just wish I KNEW what God wants for me to do!

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