Saturday, March 11, 2017

Last Upward Game and Fun with Falks

B's last game of the season...
He only played two periods,
but when he got in, he rocked it!

He caused two jump balls, had only one major foul and made SIX shots,
including this one we captured in slow motion! VIDEO

W's last Upward game EVER!
 During half-time, he and the other "graduating" sixth graders were honored.  They signed a jersey and got a treat!

My cheerleaders did awesome, too! We did a split lift, honored our sixth grader with a formation during a time out, and did a Swedish fall with a twist down at half-time!

Right after my game, we met the Falks at Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate Z's 6th birthday! (Recognize that shirt? B wore it when he was four!)
 Next, dinner at Chick-fil-A!
 (no candles were lit in the making of this picture!)
Lots of events, but our day wasn't over! Grocery shopping at Fresh Thyme,
then back home to clean out the fridge,
put away food and (for E and I) work out!
Busy day!

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