Sunday, March 19, 2017


Saturday morning started with me cleaning like crazy because I thought Kari and Doug were coming over to do their taxes. Without telling me, E planned to go to their house instead after he finished emptying his mom storage shed! That meant I had to do the grocery shopping during the busy afternoon. Even with B playing at his friend Camden's house (first time!), I totally earned my nap!

That night, we dropped the boys off at church for a movie night

While E and I split some sushi and a hibachi meal. I had asked E multiple times during the week if he had made a reservation but he never answered, so I made one. When we got there, we had TWO reservations!
After dinner, we stopped by Kari and Doug's to pick up my laptop (E being silly on their new doorbell. He is dressed up because his jeans were in the dryer.)
then made E's dreams come true by buying a TV for our bedroom! It was all his idea, but he called Me "an expensive date". (It took almost 14 years of marriage for him to get one because I still have the vivid memory of him watching Ed, Edd and Eddy on our honeymoon while I was trying to nap! Lucky for him, March Madness wore me down!)
When we picked up the boys, we found out that B had lost another bottom baby tooth on a hard rice crispy treat!
Tooth Fairy comes tonight!

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